Go (Golang) for a side project

By Jack Gisel at

Go for a Side Project

Go is beatiful and fast. It's what I want to be building in. But, there's a time and place for it. I just learned that lesson. I am building an MVP & side project for Brandwise. I chose to use Go as my backend because we need to process 100,000s of messages per minute. I thought go was the golden solution for this. To be honest, it's slowed down development due to being strongly typed (we are dealing with a lot of losely formatted json) and super error checking prone. Which is great when you are building a 2nd interation. But, it's been a burdern for me.

Next time, I will use JS or Python for my first draft.

I often mix building my side hustles and learning new tech. This sucks and I need to stop. The goal is either build a new business or learn some new tech. Mixing the two only causes both goals to get pushed back.