As we enter 2021 I have decided to bring together of technologies I would like to learn by testing them out. Here they are in no specific order:

  1. Chakra UI
    Most of my projects, if not all are using React which is why I lean towards Chakra over Tailwind. I like Chakra (haven’t used it), because it looks a lot like @shopify/restyle which I absolutely love for React Native development.
  2. Prisma
    My experience with GraphQL is pretty limited to open-source API’s or a boilerplate code setup. I would love to start from scratch building a GraphQL backend and integrate that into my own mobile app.
  3. Bitrise
    I have been doing a lot of React Native for the past year now and getting pretty deep into the eco system. I am really enjoying finding better ways to industrialize the product and ship it easier. I think Bitrise could help me do that.

More coming soon!

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