12 problems in 12 months

By Jack Gisel at

Howdy. I've been itching to solve problems lately. Itching to try to new technologies. Itching to bring value to others. The hardest part for me is getting started and avoiding perfectionism. To combat this, I am going to push myself to ship 12 new apps in 12 months. I don't have all 12 picked yet, but I am going to pick them out 3 at the start of each quarter.

Where am I starting?

Month 1 - A digital bookshelf

I've been wanting a solution to this for a long time. I love sharing with others good books that I listen to or read on a Kindle. But, we are in a new era where a typical bookshelf can't be the solution to this. Instead, I want to build a website which lets me showcase books I have enjoyed and direct my friends there. I want it to be simple and lightweight (the opposite of GoodReads). My stretch goal would be to give the option for users to attach their Amazon Affialate url to earn extra income.

Month 2 - A modest finance tracker

I currently manually enter account balances every 2 weeks into a Google sheet with tables that aren't pretty and don't give me interactability. I want to create a simple, but interactive GUI to view my account balances. My stretch goal would be to have a basic budget tracker like the app Weekly.

Month 3 - A redefined e-mail exerpience for online shopping

Quite simply I hate the current state of e-mail. I day dream about how I could re-invent it, but I think it would require too much effort to create inertia away from G-Mail or Outlook. This app plans to accomplish 1/5th of my goal. I want to create an e-mail provider specifically for online shopping. This will elimante the need to give away your personal e-mail to online stores. The app with automaitcally manage incoming mail. Sorting newsletters, coupons, refunds and shipping updates. Instead of a text/html based GUI. It will parse and present deals in a unique fashion. My stretch goal is coupon parsing.